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Telemedicine Software for Video Visits

Regulation Crowdfunding
East Setauket, NY
Health Tech
Accepting International Investment

Raised of $15M – $20M goal


Where Profits Come in Pieces of the Entire Healthcare Ecosystem.  

FaceMyDoc works to maximize engagement with both patients and clinicians.  We do this by providing the technology to enable HD-quality video visits over tier-one encrypted software, monitoring patient physio-data on Bluetooth enabled medical devices, facilitating next day home delivery of prescriptions, coordinating on-site lab testing and assisting with insurance billings and collections.

Our Mission is to drive patient engagement and satisfaction while increasing operational efficiency and revenues for our providers.

We combine four elements within the healthcare lifecycle supported by our SaaS model:

FaceMyDoc LIVE – Cloud-based Telemedicine Software

FMD Labs – Next Day Prescription Delivery for Hair Loss, Weight Loss, Sexual Health, Hormone Therapy & General Wellness

FMD Diagnostics – Remote Patient Monitoring & On-site Testing

FMD Financial – Revenue Cycle Management & Medical Billing

FaceMyDoc LIVE, our flagship patient engagement platform allows providers to expand their current footprint, reduce costs, increase revenues and improve patient experience.

Smart Technology. Smarter Healthcare.

Cutting-Edge Video, Real Time Scheduling, Session Notes, Symptom Checker, File Sharing, Billing & Collections

Easy to Use
Click and go! No complicated sign ups or downloads, ensuring a simple to use system.

Enhanced Security
Secure Hash Algorithm 256 bit encryption with RSA guarantees secure data transmission through Qualsys A rated servers.

Responsive Design
Our software functions flawlessly on desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets in 3 different web browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

FaceMyDoc LIVE. The Perfect Solution for an Array of Specialties

Dermatologists, Dentists & Surgeons (Post-Op)

  • See high resolution video of your patients skin (and teeth), stitches and incision sites.
  • Camera zoom-in capabilities on specific areas for a closer look.
  • Identify healing issues on incision sites quickly before they turn into major complications.


  • Connect with your patients through encrypted video from anywhere they feel comfortable.
  • Type notes on your therapy session that can be saved to PDF and instantly uploaded into your EMR software, device or online storage account.


  • Adjusting and refilling medications (birth control, anxiety, blood pressure, etc)
  • Provide postoperative care to reduce the burden of traveling for patients who have just undergone c-section
  • Discuss lab results (STD-screening results, PAP smears, and biopsies)
  • Observe treatment plans that require frequent monitoring (gestational diabetes and postpartum depression)

Primary Care Physicians

  • Offer counseling services such as managing depression, weight loss, and smoking cessation.
  • Review screenings and lab results: Discuss results with your patients face-to-face without losing money on follow-up phone calls.
  • Managing and refilling medications
  • Provide ongoing care: Monitor symptom progression, adjust medications, and modify treatment plans

Our Market and Industry

The telehealth market is expected to grow to $55 billion by 2025 with more than 50% of that growth in North America.

What Makes Our Team Special

Built for Clinicians by Clinicians

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We go above and beyond other telemedicine software providers by functioning as an extension of your practice.  We spend quality time with you, learning about your goals and standing right along side you to develop solutions and strategies to help you achieve them.  And finally, U.S.-based support staff that is accessible over the phone 24/7/365.


Invest in FaceMyDoc Today!

Cloud Software Product (Current V 1.5)

10,000+ Appointment Hours

SaaS Model (Predictable Cashflow)

MoM Growth 1000%+


We believe our technology and devices interfaced with patients and providers under one entity, generating revenues at multiple points within the lifecycle allows for the ideal one-stop-shop in healthcare technology to create tremendous growth for our shareholders.


Investment Incentives and Bonus Perks*


  • 5% bonus shares (i.e. $1,000 invested = 2,100 shares)
  • *For Providers: Free Access for 1 Year ($1,200 Value)


  • 10% bonus shares (4,400 shares)
  • *For Providers: Free Access for 2 Years ($2,400 Value)


  • 15% bonus shares (11,500 shares)
  • *For Providers: Free Access for 2 Years ($2,400 Value)
  • Flight to NYC + 2 Days Hotel plus Guest
  • Exclusive New York Dinner with CEO


  • 20% bonus shares (24,000 shares)
  • *For Providers: Free Access for 2 Years ($2,400 Value)
  • Flight to NYC + 2 Days Hotel plus Guest
  • Exclusive New York Dinner with CEO
  • VIP Broadway Experience

Your investment is $2.00/Class B Non-Voting Share. When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $20,000,000 (our biggest competitor is worth over $10 billion). A member of our Investor Relations will contact you immediately upon your submission to send your welcome kit.

Upon submitting this form, please allow 1-2 minutes for processing.  Do not hit back in your browser.

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