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Do you provide patients or do I need to bring my own?

Yes we provide the patients in 3 ways:

  1. Through our own online marketing & advertising efforts where patients are responding to an ad to connect with a provider for a virtual visit.
  2. Through our channel partners we work with (i.e. a pharmacy partner who has our marketing flyer hanging up where patients can scan a QR code on their phone and connect with a provider).
  3. Through the directory listings of the large insurance companies we credential you with.

If you have your own patients or friends & family members that you’d like to conduct virtual visits with, you can absolutely bring them onto the platform but this is not required.

How do patients sign up? Can they do so even if they don’t need to be seen right away?

Patients will be able to book you directly through our provider directory.  They can request to be seen now if you’re listed as available or pick a day and time in the future based on your availability.

How does a patient know if their insurance is accepted?

Most insurance plans that cover in-office visits will cover telehealth visits as the parity law requires insurers to reimburse for virtual visits the same way the would for in person visits.  (We are working on adding real time pre-authorizations that will be available in the near future.) 

How are the patients assigned to me?

Patients will either book you directly and are assigned to you in a rolling order based on your availability.  For example, if there are 30 patient requests that come in and 15 providers available in a given location, the system will automatically parse out 2 patients to each provider.

Will there be enough patients for me to see?

We limit all of our open territories to a fixed amount of providers based on population to prevent any saturation and maximize the volume of patients available to you.  Once we hit the total provider amount set for a given state, we close that state out and don’t allow any new provider signups (Unlike most other telehealth platforms who recruit providers indefinitely).

Which states can I see patients in?

You can see patients in any states that you are licensed in.

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